Riverside County Government We Need you! 

If you would like to get involved, we have openings in all areas.  We follow the issues, attend the meetings and advise the Stand Up Riverside Board and membership when we need to take action and let our positions be heard. We need volunteers to track, monitor and advise on items happening with the following: 

1)  County Board of Supervisors
2)  Sheriff
3)  District Attorney
4)  County Health Department
5)  Zoning and Planning Commission
6)  County Water Boards     

For more information contact:

Tammy Norman @ [email protected] 

Riverside County Supervisor- District 1: 
Kevin Jefferies - Journal July 23


During the recent budget discussions, Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin was pleased to share that the crisis involving the dismissal of pending criminal cases has largely been fixed by the new Presiding Judge, via better scheduling of court rooms and adjusting trial judge schedules. Our local courts still remain short handed for the population and number of cases heard, resulting in lengthy delays, particularly for civil and family court issues – but that requires action from the State Legislature and Governor to fix.

Schedule of Meetings

4080 Lemon Street 1st. Floor - Board Chambers Riverside, CA 92501 

Any public requesting to call in to speak on an item or during Public Comment must first register at the Clerk of the Board’s website at: https://www.rivcocob.org/comments 24 hours in advance.

Once registered further information will be provided. Please call in prior to 9:00 a.m. on the meeting date. The public may also submit comments for the Board of Supervisors meeting by emailing Clerk of the Board at [email protected]




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